Birdhouse Bliss

This program focuses on private properties with potential for hosting and protecting native bird species.

We invite landlords to experience the magical feeling of installing and monitoring birdhouses – from the heartwarming expectation of monitoring arrivals to the excitement of success, and then to the bitter-sweet farewell wishes of a safe migration at the end of the season…

This program is compatible with properties presenting (or near to) one or more of the following natural habitat characteristics:

  • woodland/natural shrubbery;
  • wide open grassy/meadow;
  • a large body of water (lake, pond, stream, river, or brackish water.)

We will visit your property, design a plan, and guide the installation of birdhouse structures to host our beautiful native birds.  Based on our experience in assessing a variety of habitat characteristics and our familiarity with particular bird species to target, you will have very high chances of success!

Once you have breeding pairs in the houses, we will continue to support your project by:

  • providing guidance towards the identification of the resident species in your house;
  • sharing enrichment materials (field guides, fact sheets and suggested activities); and
  • coordinating optional upgrades (such as the installation of a live video streaming bird-camera!)

There are several designs and types of structures available – choices are dependent on habitat characteristics of each property and personal preference of landlords.  For complete information and best results, we highly recommend a consultation – we do not charge to assess the property and we will not install structures if the site is not considered suitable/attractive to targeted birds.  Contact us to explore the possibilities!

(We will guide landlords towards the best choices of structures to prevent nuisance birds and any issues.)


For every household joining this program, a new birdhouse is donated and installed at a community park or protected land site.  Locations are always chosen based on the highest educational potential and local community support! (For more information, visit our untwine page.)

Thank you for being a part of our mission!


Suggested Family Literature:

Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard, by Robert F. Sibert