Event Bundles

Not your ordinary event activity!


Our ready-bundles come with everything you need for an easy, enriching, entertaining activity for your event!  Perfect for birthday parties (children and adults!), family reunions, or just as an added charm to any friendly group event!

Bundles contain the necessary materials, easy step-by-step instructions, and fun, educational fact sheets on the chosen theme.

We offer several options (and will also help create a new one for you if you would like!)  Current choices are:

  • Wren Houses: decorate a wren house and learn about these friendly birds.  Houses are weather-resistant and are very likely to attract a resident if positioned in compatible habitat!
  • Mosaics: create and install your mosaic design on this adorable box with a recessed frame on the lid, then paint and decorate your box to house your treasures!
  • Pyrography Design Mini Memory Boxes: use your full creativity to write and draw on all sides of your box, the images will then be engraved with a pyrograph [your design will be burnt into the wood!!]
  • Gardening Planter or Pots: decorate a large planter or individual pots and start your herb or flower seed garden!
  • Fairy Garden: create a lovely fairy garden with tiny pebbles, miniature decor and live plants!


For more advanced family options (suggested for events of 10 or less participants), please contact us or visit our Family Enrichment page/options.