Wren House Projects

Our Wren House Projects can be customized to take slightly different forms so to best fit the group’s ability level.  Below are a few brief descriptions of the most common variations.  The options can be combined so that participants may choose according to their individual preference.

All options include initial presentation about wrens and guidance on placement of the houses for best chances of success.  As always, by joining any of our projects, you will have access to our Supporting Resources, including fact sheets and activity guides to enjoy anytime.

Contact us to customize (which can often be done at no additional charge!)


Examples of options:

Assembly, decoration and placement of wren houses: we will coordinate a group craft project with the enrichment of an outdoor area.  This program is offered in 3-4 parts and it includes a presentation, the craft (with all materials), and guidance towards the placement of the houses around the chosen property.

Decoration and placement: this option is similar to the above, however, houses are already assembled and ready to paint; therefore project can be completed in less sessions.

Activity without placement: this is an option suitable to those organization that may not have a location for installation.  We can coordinate decoration (with or without assembly activity) and provide detailed guidance for placement at another location or participants’ homes.

Activity with placement at another location: as an alternative to the above, wundorwoven can coordinate the placement of the houses at a nearby location within the organization’s community area.  We will gladly seek appropriate permission for installation at nearby parks, schools, and natural areas – this fosters community bonds and enriches the area!


Program expansion – monitoring: following up on the success of the houses is, in our opinion, the most magical part!  We highly encourage the numbering/mapping of the houses and designating a local member/volunteer to monitor the activity at the houses during nesting season.  We have templates that can be used and will gladly provide mentorship to get volunteers started!



Why Wren Houses?

Wrens are friendly, native birds that will readily make use of artificial housing.  They are quite tolerant of people and adapt well to most areas, so long as there is good shrubbery nearby for their daily bug scavenging routine!

Most importantly in urban environments, wrens are so tiny, that their houses cannot be occupied by common nuisance birds, such as House Sparrows and Starlings – it is a safe choice to avoid conflicts and issues.