How it started…

A long standing dream, wundorwoven finally came to be when I reached a particularly critical life/career decision in 2017: I would either enter into yet another long series of job interviews towards continuing my traditional career in Finance, or I would take a deep breath and plunge into my own venture (and heart!)

wundorwoven is based on many years of wide-spread, innate curiosity about the world; a love for hands-on Nature exploring; and a knack for artistic creativity.  Its concept embraces my deep passion for the Environment, and a genuine drive to create a positive impact around me.

Thais Gherardi


Wonder (word history)
before 900; (noun) Middle English; Old English wundor; cognate with Dutch wonder, German Wunder, Old Norse undr; (v.) Middle English wonderen, Old English wundrian, derivative of the noun.
Weave (definition by merriam-webster.com)
before wove \ˈwōv\ or weaved; woven \ˈwō-vən\ or weaved; weaving
(within other meanings…)
a : to produce by elaborately combining elements: contrive
b : to unite in a coherent whole
c : to introduce as an appropriate element : work in usually used with in or into