Woes to the Wind

Envisioned as a source of comfort and companionship between strangers.

And hopefully a potential path to personal forgiveness and relief from one’s worries and regrets.



We will be posting/sharing letters (and postcards) in a variety of ways, including electronic media and print. Follow the project on Instagram @woes_to_the_wind and Facebook. It will likely be easier to read letters on a desktop or tablet, at least until we figure out if there will be any interest in the project! As any new idea, it might progress from there…

This is a small volunteer-led project – we have no idea what type of response/volume we may get or how time consuming it will be/may become; therefore, materials will be reviewed and published on a best-effort basis, to the best of our ability and availability!



Write a letter “to the wind”.. Send you message out into the world.. The point is to write truthfully, from the heart. To find solace and comfort in the simple act of writing a letter. Your letter should be written from your mind and spirit, not strongly focused on where it will go – the idea is that it will find its path. I believe you may feel better just because you wrote it.

Write to a kind stranger, to a fictitious friend, to a higher power, to a loved one out there somewhere in the “beyond”, to a special someone you’ve lost contact with.. (This is NOT a chat forum or a two-way/direct communication project – the idea is to write to the “open world” or to someone you do NOT know or have direct access to. Think of it as if you were writing on a journal page or writing a letter you do not have where to send to.)

Write anonymously or sign it – it’s up to you. But, please DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION (this is a project to INSPIRE others, not an avenue to reconnect/find any “actual someone”!)

While you are welcome to write as much as you like – many or long letters – the logistics for publishing long letters are not readily available at this point, so we may have to select a page or a passage to post (sorry!) Depending on how the project develops, we may be able to find means to publish full/long documents in the future!


RULES TO KNOW AND ACCEPT (if you disagree with any, please DO NOT participate!)

By sending us any material YOU ARE CONSENTING TO THESE TERMS:

  • All materials submitted/sent to us may be published in one or more of our media channels, electronically or in print (this is the whole point: to share experiences and feelings with others, and to read others’ journeys and thus relate to/find comfort in that connection.) By sending us material, you are consenting to its full use/publication.
  • Materials submitted may NOT contain language, symbols, or images that might be construed as mean, offensive, racist, of political or religious discourse, or in any other way inappropriate. We will be VERY strict on that – KIND messages only (happy or sad, but ALWAYS KIND TO SELF AND TO OTHERS.)
  • Respectful references to God or a “higher power” are acceptable, as long as content is not of “preaching” nature.
  • We may choose NOT TO publish a submission that we find FOR ANY REASON inadequate or not suitable for this project.
  • Again, NO PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION OF ANY KIND (other than author’s name, if so desired.) Refrain from including any personal identifiable information either in reference to the author, a character, or a recipient (use first names only or initials in narrative.) Such information will deem your submission not acceptable for publication – it will either be redacted or will completely disqualify the material.



Physical Letters (postcards ok too!!) should be mailed to PO Box 306, West Wardsboro, VT 05360 (we will scan/take pictures in order to share it!)

Electronic Letters can be sent to untwine@wundorwoven.com – please reference “Woes to the Wind” in the subject line.

“Imaged Letters” can be posted on Instagram and directly tagged @woes_to_the_wind, although any letters conflicting with project guidance will be “un-tagged” upon our review.



This idea has been simmering in my mind for so long… I really do not remember when it came up… sometime in my twenties (quite a few years now – laughs!)

The foundation and goal of the project is quite simple: to create a space for people to relate and find solace and companionship in each other’s experiences (achievements, but also fears and sorrows); plus hopefully to facilitate one’s feelings of inner peace and calm as a result of the actual act of writing/sharing their woes and memories with the world.

The current “state of isolation” has been the catalyst for my sudden initiative to (finally!) attempt to move this idea forward and see where it lands…

I am hoping this project will be a source of connection and comfort to those socially isolated, those who live alone and are now potentially scared and lonely as a result our current, stressful times… But I have always also envisioned this project enabling those “lonely in a busy life” or “carrying secret fears and burdens” to find such supporting connections and comfort as well… to find anonymous compassion out there into the ether… and hopefully some relief and strength for the soul..