Warm Wisdom Program Registration/Interest Form

Please share some basic information with us so we can best prepare the program equipment and materials to fit your family or group’s profile! (don’t worry, you can still change your mind – this just helps us plan!)


We offer two options of clutches: 7 eggs or 12 eggs. Hatch rate, although not guaranteed, is usually 3-4 out of 7 eggs, and 6-7 out of 12 eggs. This is a very personal choice – we will guide the families to the best of our ability! (This decision does not affect the price of the program.)

Considerations in choosing:

We recommend the smaller option for families who may have limited indoor space or might be somewhat concerned about any mess or smell generated by the presence of animals (the chicks are fairly unobtrusive for the first 2 weeks of life, after which they will be significantly messier! We will pick them up in 2-3 weeks, unless you wish to keep them for longer!)

We always suggest 12 eggs for families who might decide to keep their hatched chickens as backyard pets simply because approximately half of the chicks are bound to be roosters…! (We take chickens and/or the roosters back if you wish!)

REQUIRED: Please tell us what clutch size you would like to hatch.


Personal preferences may play a very significant role in the choices of food and cage lining material (bedding), thus we do not provide these items by default (note we are always happy to guide participants through the overall considerations and market choices available!)  Nevertheless, based on our customers’ repeated requests and direct feedback regarding the challenges they face in finding these items for sale in suburban areas, we are now pleased to offer an optional add-on supply choice of chick-starter food and bedding material for a $25 fee.  This service is only available by advance request as all items will be dropped off together at the scheduled equipment delivery date.



Considering we run this program Spring to Fall, the eggs take 21 days to hatch, and most participants like to keep the chicks for 2 weeks, kindly let us know your preferred timeframe to join the program:


Our program is designed as a family experience for all members/ages in the household – we strongly encourage adults to deepen their knowledge about chickens, eggs, and farming, including the history of its domestication, and, in particular, to explore thought-provoking aspects/ethical matters related to its consumer goods. Our kit can include books for adults too!


This information [below] is OPTIONAL, but helps us plan the best materials to fit your family or group’s profile of interaction and learning!


If you are unsure about any costs or details, please contact us. Most families/groups sign up for the complete package, which totals $375 ($300 base investment, $50 delivery & pick up, $25 food & bedding.)

The submission of this form is not biding and payment is only required at delivery; however, we will not confirm pricing structure again unless you have questions.

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