Woven Waystations

Our Pollinator Gardens Project.

We have a goal: to fill underutilized urban gardens with nectar-rich, pollinator friendly wildflowers and vines!  We CAN make an impact one planter at a time!

Pollinators need a continuous, nutritious “pathway” to sustain their long migrations.  Large urban areas mostly covered by sterile lawns, concrete, and asphalt negatively impact pollinator survival by starving/exhausting them.  This project aims to increase awareness of the importance (and magic!) of pollinators and how our small gestures can help.

Please join us!  All you we need is a small planting area: maybe a corner of a corporate patio, or a garden bed next to a business, a stretch of chain-link fence at your school or nearby parking lot, or even just a planter near an office entrance…  the possibilities are endless – we will help you!

We will coordinate a community/employee activity during which we will present the project, clean the area, add fertile soil, and plant the pollinator-friendly seeds (or rooted plants.)

Would like to join in, but do not have access to any planting area?  Not to worry!!  We always need help growing plants from seed and restoring public areas!!  Contact us and we will coordinate the effort between your group and a community/urban area!  A lot of foundation and prep-work can be done indoors!  (Please visit Untwine for an overview of its mission.)

By joining any of our projects, you will have access to our Supporting Resources, including fact sheets and activity guides.


Optional Project Expansion: we also offer guidance on how to join several related Citizen Science Programs towards an even more active engagement!  But just take it one step at a time for now, and we will support you if you decide to join!





Suggested Literature Enrichment:

Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman