Stewardship Opportunities

Many of our programs are implemented at public-accessible land.  It is very important to us that restored wildlife habitat and installed structures be monitored and properly maintained for durability and long-term enjoyment by the community.  We engage local community members to help us in caring for our gardens and birdhouses!  Join us!

Stewardship is a rewarding experience for everyone.  Stewards learn, make friends, get exercise and support their communities.  Meanwhile, the work and investment of other volunteers and donors is lovingly cared for!  We welcome volunteers of all abilities – no prior experience necessary!



One of the most rewarding aspects of the Birdhouse Monitoring Program is the collaboration and active involvement of local community volunteers in monitoring the houses.

The program engages volunteer stewards to observe and log species’ activity at each location.  This support strengthens the local community bond, increases public awareness, and ensures reliable data is collected for the program’s database.

Monitoring can be done by individuals, groups, seniors, families, or any frequent visitors to the location.  Stewards are welcome to volunteer as much (or as little) as their personal availability allows. Notes and species’ ID are recorded to the best of volunteers’ abilities; no bird-watching experience is required!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in becoming a steward, please send an email to with a brief note.

(If you would like to volunteer to help us launch this program at your community, please visit the program page and contact us!)